Parts Of A Seed (Word Search)

Parts Of A Seed (Word Search)

In this word game, you will search for the parts of a flower. Take note of the following; A seed is a fertilized ovule that has undergone growth and development.A seed consists of the following parts; Embryo: It consists of radicle and plumule. Radicle: It develops to form the root. Plumule: It occurs above the radicle. It develops to form the shoot. Endosperm: It stores food substances. Cotyledon: It transfers food substances from the endosperm to radicle and plumule. Testa: It is the outer seed coat or covering of a seed. Micropyle: It is a tiny pore occurring at one end of a seed. Seeds absorb water through the micropyle. Hilum: It is the point of attachment of a seed to the ovary wall. F... »

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This quiz is made up 40 questions. You are required to use 40 minutes or less to complete this quiz. Questions were taken from Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E) Integrated science paper one. Each question is followed by four options. Find the correct option for each question and select it with your cursor. Give only one answer to each question. TAKE NOTE; You can restart quiz after it is completed. Do not refresh page until the quiz is completed (or else all your answers will be lost). This quiz can be taken several times. Anytime you start the quiz at fresh, both questions and its options are reshuffled. You can correct your errors (if there is any) after completing the quiz... »

parts of a flower

Parts Of A Flower (Word Search)

In this word game, you will search for the parts of a flower. Take note of the following; The flower is the reproductive part of the shoot system of a plant. The flower grows on a bud called flower bud. A typical flower consists of four main parts. These are; the sepals, petals, stamens, pistil or carpel. A group of sepals is called calyx. A group of petals is called corolla. In many flowers, petals are large and brightly coloured and may contain sugary fluid called nectar. Stamens are the male reproductive parts of a flower. They consist of anther and filament. Pistil or carpel is the female reproductive part of a flower. It consists of three main parts namely; ovary, style and stigma. Stam... »

solar system

Planets In The Solar System (Word Search)

In this word game, you will search for the planets in the solar system. Take note of the following; The solar system is made up of the sun, the planets ( eight ) and other heavenly bodies. A planet is a non-luminous celestial body that revolves around a star (sun). There used to be nine planets in the solar system but one of them which is Pluto is no longer a planet. CLICK HERE to find out why. Therefore the eight planets in the solar system are ; Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. The planets travel in fixed paths around the sun called orbits. Each planet has its own specific orbit around the sun. The time taken for a planet to complete an orbit is called a ye... »



BECE OBJECTIVE TEST 2014 QUESTIONS REVIEW TOPICS NUMBER OF QUESTIONS Force And Pressure 3 Respiratory System Of Humans 2 Infections And Diseases 3 Dentition 1 Light Energy 1 Elements,Compounds and Mixtures 4 Soil and Moisture Conservation 2 Living Things And Non-living Things 3 Measurement 1 Metals and Non-metals 4 Animal Production 2 Ecosystem 1 Sources and Forms Of Energy 2 Entrepreneurship 1 Farming Systems 1 Vegetable Crop Production 1 Matter 1 Food And Nutrition 1 Photosynthesis 1 Electrical Energy 2 Introduction to Integrated Science 1 Acids, Bases and Salts 1 Nature Of Soil 1 TOTAL NO. OF QUESTIONS 40 »

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