Parts Of A Flower (Word Search)

parts of a flower

In this word game, you will search for the parts of a flower. Take note of the following;

  • The flower is the reproductive part of the shoot system of a plant.
  • The flower grows on a bud called flower bud.
  • A typical flower consists of four main parts. These are; the sepals, petals, stamens, pistil or carpel.
  • A group of sepals is called calyx.
  • A group of petals is called corolla. In many flowers, petals are large and brightly coloured and may contain sugary fluid called nectar.
  • Stamens are the male reproductive parts of a flower. They consist of anther and filament.
  • Pistil or carpel is the female reproductive part of a flower. It consists of three main parts namely; ovary, style and stigma.
    Stamens and Pistils are referred to as the essential parts of a flower whilst the calyx (sepals) and corolla (petals) are the non-essential parts.


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