Parts Of A Seed (Word Search)

Parts Of A Seed (Word Search)

In this word game, you will search for the parts of a flower. Take note of the following;

  • A seed is a fertilized ovule that has undergone growth and development.A seed consists of the following parts;
  • Embryo: It consists of radicle and plumule.
  • Radicle: It develops to form the root.
  • Plumule: It occurs above the radicle. It develops to form the shoot.
  • Endosperm: It stores food substances.
  • Cotyledon: It transfers food substances from the endosperm to radicle and plumule.
  • Testa: It is the outer seed coat or covering of a seed.
  • Micropyle: It is a tiny pore occurring at one end of a seed. Seeds absorb water through the micropyle.
  • Hilum: It is the point of attachment of a seed to the ovary wall.
    Functions of seeds
    *It protects the embryo. *It stores sufficient food for the development of the embryo.


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